Monday, August 29, 2005

BUSH! Pretty much the coolest President Ever! NOT

Top ten reasons why Bush must go:

1) Iraq-he lied us into war
2)Terrorism-he has made us less safe
3) Jobs-He put 3 million american's out of work
4)The deficit-he spends money like a drunken sailor
5)The patriot act-he underminded our most basic freedoms
6)Crony capitalism-he sold america out to special interests
7)Foreign policy-he ruined america's standing in the world
8)The environment...he is the worst president ever
9)Broken promises-he is a divider, not a uniter
10)The credibility gap-he never tells the truth
*bonus* 11) Florida- he stole the 2000 election

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Nappy Hair

Nappy Naps! Embrace you the way you are! Love you 4 you!

Beauty coms from within. It is sparked by an inner strength and radiance that goes far beyond physical appearance. ~Janet Jackson

I came to this world with nappy hairAnd when I was too young to really careI loved to twirl each curl in my handAnd appreciate the texture of every strand.But when I got older I was toldThat the straightest hair was just like gold.My hair got ironed with a metal combAnd the smell of burning grease made me moan.I got a relaxer to run from the smoke,But the pain of my overcooked scalp was no joke.I even tried a Jheri curl to give myself a breakBut being a target of jokes made my heart ache.Oh, the day I turned my back on chemicals and heat,I felt so free - oh, what a treat!I trimmed off what was left of the damaged messAnd saw in the mirror what I thought was success.But society said I had lost my mindAnd that I would run back to tradition in time.I got the strangest looks everywhereAnd even loved ones frowned at my nappy hair.I can't get a black brother to take me out for a mealSince my hair lacks European appeal.But when I look at my origin,The continent of Africa, wher my ancestors had beenAnd the beauty of the people who live there,I saw nothing wrong with my nappy hair.God gave me this hairSo I should not be ashamedIt is part of who I amAin't nothin' wrong with it, I exclaimed.So I will wear my Afro, my twists and my coils!I will not allow my confidence to be soiled.Even if my hair is locked and dreaded,I am proud of being nappy-headed.

One Love!