Thursday, March 15, 2012

A$$ To The Grass (ATG) Squats

The day after Glute day! My ass hurts and feels so good at the same time. Yesterday and every Wednesday since I began my contest prep I have been doing glutes. I love glute day; who wants the noassatall syndrome; I sure don't!! The mind muscle connection is very important on this day. It's really important to put the focus on the glutes b/c they quads can tend to take over. Along with my glutes; I also do sprints which works the arse too. Boy o boy I could feel my glutes firing like no other. Today it almost hurts to sit.
Here are some the exercises that I do for my glute routine, of course not all on the same day.
Good ole squats
Deadlift in all forms
ATG squats
glute bridge with my feet on a stability ball
wtd. glute bridges
Bulgarian squat
glute kickbacks,
reverese lunges
deep wide stance feet turned out on the leg press,
curtsy lunge to a side lunge with heavy bag
reverse hyper extensions
Press downs on the assisted pull up machine
tabata abduction machine- with seat back. 20 sec on 10 sec hold repeat 4 times. Oooh burn!
Sumo squats with db at least 55 lbs or more
Jump Squats with hold or w/o
Bench Jump squats- straddle bench then pop on top and back down
Pop Squats
Cable glute backs, kneeling or standing
band side steps or band side squats- staying low and keeping the tension on the band!
Single Leg RDL
Crossover Step ups

This list is not all inclusive! What's some of the glute exercises you do! Until next time, Train Smart and Train Hard!

I often check the glute guys page for bootay info! Great site!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Back at it!

I'm 5 weeks out from my next competition. For the  next five weeks I am going to try to attempt to blog my progress and the in's and out's of my competitive journey. This weekend was quite the challenge. Carbs have been dropped just a bit and no more cheat meals :( Boo hoo!).  I'm actually handling the change pretty well! When it's time to compete I am balls to the wall! It's serious business. No cheating, no skipping workouts or cardio's, cause if I do I know I will regret it later. Plus I don't want to let myself down or my coach. Tomorrow is leg day and I am actually looking forward to it. I will be training in another gym so that will spice things up.